NO HARM is needed for a dog to understand you when you too understand your dog.  This does not mean no boundaries or consequences for unwanted behavior, it does mean NO FEAR and NO PAIN.    Dog training to me is about having fun, being patient, consistent, thoughtful and observant while staying cool!”                 ~Tamara~

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Nationally accredited Dog Behavioral Consultant,  Dog Trainer,  Professional Family Dog Educator and Mediator.   Certified by NDTF Tamara received comprehensive hands on instruction in canine behavior,  handling and psychology through the National Dog Trainers Federation.    Tamara has over 15 years experience working with animals and is certified in Canine Communication and Social Behavior by PPG (Pet Professional Guild).

Tamara and Dr. Chris – Veterinarian on his tour to keep Australia pet friendly

Tamara is constantly adding to and up dating her broad canine knowledge,  her studies and experience include Concepts in Training, Speak Dog, Dogwise & PPG’s Dognostics.  working with Delta Society ‘Dog Safe Program’, RSPCA and Force Free Dog Daycare.

Tamara teaches in a fun and educational way,  showing guardians that puppies and dogs can learn from canine friendly, safe and common sense methods.



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