Using Positive Relationship Puppy & Dog Training

Here to help Adelaide Puppy & Dog Lovers enjoy a positive relationship with the pups & dogs in their life.  We have a range of services for Dogs, Puppies and their Guardians.

All canine training & behavior modifications are tailored to suit you and your pet’s needs.  Whether you have added a puppy to your home or you have an older dog who desperately needs some training and guidance Best Friend Dog Behavior & Training have a service that will suit your family requirements.  Giving you invaluable knowledge and coaching in dog training techniques.

We offer the very best standard of Dog training & Dog Relationship Coaching in Adelaide.

Meet Tamara  Best Friend Dog Care Dog Relationship Coach, Dog Behaviorist and Dog Trainer.

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Tamara’s using a method of training called ‘Shaping’.  Shaping is commonly defined as: The differential reinforcement of successive approximations towards a target behavior.  ‘It’s kind of like the hot and cold game humans play.’

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Relationship Coach, Dog Behaviorist and Dog Trainer

  • Nationally accredited Dog Behavioral Consultant,  Dog Trainer
  • Professional Family Dog Educator and Mediator
  • Canine Communication and Social Behaviourist
  • Certified by PPG (Pet Professional Guild)
  • Certified by Delta Dog Safe
  • Certified by NDTF (National Dog Training Federation)
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Tamara received comprehensive hands on instruction in canine behavior,  handling and psychology through the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF).    Many years experience working with animals Tamara teaches in a fun and educational way,  showing guardians that puppies and dogs can learn from canine friendly, safe and common sense methods.

Tamara Di Santo Dr Chris Brown Best Friend Dog Care dog training, behaviour and relation ship coach Adelaide South Australia
Tamara and Dr. Chris – Veterinarian on his tour to keep Australia pet friendly










‘My wish is to make a difference in the dog world.  Working with humans and dogs to respect one another as different species.  Humans expect quiet a lot from dogs, inviting them to living so closely but often neglecting learning their language.   Knowing how life can be enhanced with your best friend by your side, I coach you both to communicate in a positive manner.   With all my knowledge and experience I want nothing more than to assist humans and animals to live together harmoniously.  Do you often wonder what the dog in your life is trying to say to you?  Wonder no more as I teach you to speak dog!’ Tamara

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We help you live in peace and harmony with your best friend.

COACHING – Private Dog Training

DOG BEHAVIOUR –  Dog Behaviour modification 

WALKING WITH MANNERS – Coaching & Training

PUPPY TRAINING – Coaching & Training 

RELATIONSHIP COACHING – Talking Dog with Tamara

BABY’S ARRIVAL- Preparing Pup

ENRICHMENT & PLAY -Home visits

GENERAL EXERCISE – Walking for General Exercise

Working with living beings is it ever possible to guarantee behaviours?

Our guarantee – you will be working with a highly credentialed Dog Behaviourist, Trainer and Relationship Coach motivated to help you to reach goals.

We guarantee a positive, fun experiences for both you and the dog all whilst requiring an abundance of invaluable knowledge and tools for a lifetime.

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Ever wondered if there was a safe way to hold the leash?  We can show you how




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The questionnaire was returned with  “HELP needed calming Charlie, so the kids are not scared of him”! Charlie the Labrador now displays impulse manners. Charlie was introduced as the ‘ pushy, jumpy, child knocking over 1 and a half year old who will not lay down’ Labrador. I can confidently say after 5 sessions with …


We come to you!   Servicing Adelaide, South Australia metropolitan areas 7 days a week.

We are ready to assist you and your best friend finding a solution to canine behaviour issues.  Please include your suburb and a little about the service you require, thank you.

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