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Here to help Adelaide Puppy & Dog Lovers enjoy a positive relationship with the pups & dogs in their life. We have a range of services for Dogs, Puppies and their Guardians.

All canine training & behavior modifications are tailored to suit you and your pet’s needs. Whether you have added a puppy to your home or you have an older dog who desperately needs some training and guidance Best Friend Dog Behavior & Training have a service that will suit your family requirements. Giving you invaluable knowledge and coaching in dog training techniques.

We offer the very best standard of Dog training & Dog Relationship Coaching in Adelaide.

Meet Tamara Best Friend Dog Care Dog Relationship Coach, Dog Behaviorist and Dog Trainer.

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Meet Tamara

Relationship Coach, Dog Behaviorist and Dog Trainer

  • Nationally accredited Dog Behavioral Consultant, Dog Trainer
  • Professional Family Dog Educator and Mediator
  • Canine Communication and Social Behaviourist
  • Certified by PPG (Pet Professional Guild)
  • Certified by Delta Dog Safe
  • Certified by NDTF (National Dog Training Federation

Tamara received comprehensive hands on instruction in canine behavior, handling and psychology through the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF). Many years experience working with animals Tamara teaches in a fun and educational way, showing guardians that puppies and dogs can learn from canine friendly, safe and common sense methods.


Tamara Di Santo Behaviour and Trainer Adelaide's Best Friend Dog Care dog trainer
Have already recommended Tam to others and will continue to do so! She is absolutely amazing with our dogs, they are coming along in leaps and bounds with their confidence, behavior and walking. Tam is excited to help the dogs and share her knowledge.

We are so appreciative of your work! Glad we found you Tam!!!

Becky. S

Tamera is so patient and knowledgeable when it comes to dogs. She has been training my dog Ninja for a little while now and the difference in her behaviour is incredible. My girl loves her training sessions with Tamera so much that she doesn't even want to have breaks.

Louise. W

Highly recommend Tamara! She has helped so much in just one session. definitely continuing with her services!

Tabi. B

Tamara was very sincere and knowledgeable, all of the time spent with my dog was productive and I've seen lasting results as well as giving me a lot of tools to continue improving behavior. She was able to answer all of the questions i had and it was clear that she cared about my dog, his place in the world and how he interacted with it.

Cody. H

Tam worked with my dog Cobber while I was on an overseas holiday for a few weeks. She did training walks with him on most days. Cobber is a rescue dog who's behaviour has been very challenging to manage at times due to his anxious nature. He has been very difficult to walk on lead, especially because of his anxiety towards other dogs. The progress Cobber made in this short time is amazing. Tam sent me daily updates and photos of his development. She has also given me much help with my continued training with him and her passion for her work is incredible. Tam's follow up and support for Cobber and I has been outstanding. I can't thank Tam enough!!!!

Louise. M

Tamara is truly remarkable. Our dogs Charlie and Pippa adore her and have come a long way in their training We did not realise that having siblings was such a challenge it with Tamara’s encouragement we are learning to think with our dog hat! Still a long way to go because even though we try we haven’t got Tamara’s superb control Thank you Tamara for your patience and kindness to us all

Janet. C

Had such a fantastic and informative Skype session with Tamara! Adopting a rescue dog is sure to come with its challenges, but with the right guidance we have already seen incredible improvements in our furry friend in a matter of weeks. Thank you so much, looking forward to the next session!

Mikki, Mick and Kath (And Bruce)

Been to several dog training groups and personal teachers for our dogs, none were better than Best Friend Dog Care. Thought little Max would never learns the basics or be controlled, and in a matter of one session Best Friend Dog Care had him behaving and manageable. At the end of a five week training schedule, Max was a new dog entirely and I couldn't be happier or prouder! Thank You so much for teaching both Max and me! 😁

Amy. B

Tamara teaches the owners as much as the dog! How to better understand and communicate with each other.
Tamara keeps things simple.

After just 5 sessions the whole household has benefited from much improved behaviour, everyone on the same page. Still a way to go but so many things to work with, now there is a plan and structure. Will definitely be booking more sessions in the future.

Samantha S.

The best training my dog has received. He was a terrible walker and could not be managed easily at all. After a few sessions with Tam my dog is now bareable to take out and is listening to all the right cues! He still has a way to go as do we as the owners learning how to handle him also!

Elle. P

What a fantastic experience, very friendly and professional. Great insight into our dogs world and lots of tips to help get our dog on the same page. I would highly recommend Tamara to anyone who needs guidance on understanding their dog better.

Kristin. B

Training Options

COACHING – Private Dog Training

DOG BEHAVIOUR –  Dog Behaviour modification 

WALKING WITH MANNERS – Coaching & Training

PUPPY TRAINING – Coaching & Training 

RELATIONSHIP COACHING – Talking Dog with Tamara

BABY’S ARRIVAL – Preparing Pup

ENRICHMENT & PLAY – Home visits

GENERAL EXERCISE – Walking for General Exercise

Working with living beings is it ever possible to guarantee behaviours?

Our guarantee – you will be working with a highly credentialed Dog Behaviourist, Trainer and Relationship Coach motivated to help you to reach goals.

We guarantee a positive, fun experiences for both you and the dog all whilst requiring an abundance of invaluable knowledge and tools for a lifetime.

Tamara Di Santo Dr Chris Brown Best Friend Dog Care dog training, behaviour and relation ship coach Adelaide South Australia
Tamara Di Santo Best Friend Dog Care dog training, behaviour and relation ship coach Adelaide South Australia

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