We are very much enjoying Angus the Cairn Terrier staying with our family.  Did you know a Cairn Terrier has front paws that are well padded and larger than their rear ones!  These are the traits that gave them an advantage when digging in their pursuit of rodents back in the day…  For the average pet owner now it means that you might want to protect or give up on your garden as they love to dig.

We have not had any digging issues with Angus, he has been too busy with Sparkles and Ios.  Angus has also enjoyed his trips with us to football and many walks to the local parks and creeks.

I think that Angus might enjoy the school pick ups the most when I get asked by the children all sorts of questions about him.  It’s great to hear the children always ask if they can pat a dog before coming up too close.  You know that is good parenting!