Annie, Bill and Tamara                                                   ~ photo credits Russell Millard Photography

Bill is a two and a half year old Cairn Terrier needing assistance with some behavioral issues.   Annie his guardian contacted Best Friend Dog Care for coaching and training.   Annie‘s  expectations of our visit was to know how to have Bill calm and confident.

I was lucky enough to meet both Bill’s guardians, beautiful Annie and creative Russell.  Russell has a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography and a sought-after reputation as one of South Australia’s leading talented  photographers ~  Russell Millard’s photography.  ~

Bill and I found ourselves as Russell’s latest subject in a photo shoot!   So very grateful to Russell in allowing us to share his talents on our Best Friend Dog Care pages.

                                                                                                 ~photo credits Russell Millard Photography

Bill you will be pleased to know has improved immensely due to Annie taking the lead (pun intended) with Tamara’s coaching.   Annie’s new knowledge to ‘Talk Dog’ has created communications between herself and Bill which in turn has calmed Bill and his confidence is growing daily.

Great team work Annie and Bill, also a massive thank you to Russell for sharing his work with us.  Thank you for inviting me to your home to work with your pup!

My days are filled with meeting the most amazing people of Adelaide and their dogs, I am one very lucky lady!

photo credits Russell Millard Photography