Our successful digital dog training consultations have been going for over a year.   While the world continues adding homes and countries into lock down with corona-virus you and your best friend do not have to suffer YOU CAN continue with Best Friend Dog Care’s services.

Everything you love about Best Friend Dog Care including our high quality of service, programs, scientifically proven methods and love for dog and human relationships will shine through in our digital sessions. You can relax knowing our professional recognition as certified, five star dog Behavioural Trainer’s we are dedicated to providing you with up to date knowledge, coaching and training your best friend to be the best version of them they can possibly be. You let us know your goal and we assist you to reach it using rewards based training.  Read more about Tamara our Behavioural Trainer.

Digital sessions have great advantages not only in keeping you safe from virus’s also cost saving whilst getting the best support and education to develop your best friends skills.  You will find similarly to our more traditional in home dog training sessions, we customize the session to you and the dog in your life. All you need is a device to use as a video and off we go, Best Friend Dog Care is in your home and can assist you on your dog training journey.

You can choose to be added to our friendly private community meeting others who have been through our workshops either via video or in person.   All members having the same education from Best Friend Dog Care you are able to reach out at any time and have questions answered.  It’s a fun, safe and educational place to share your new dog skills and dog training.  A place to share when you are feeling on top of the world or on days when you are having a hard time getting motivated to train you will be with others who also go through the human emotions involved with living with another species.  We are all here to assist each other having our Best Friend’s best interest at heart it’s a great place where we all have a common goal.  Contact us.

In our Best Friend Dog Care online family you will meet other guardians who contacted us for the following reasons but not limited to;

dogs barking at anything and everything reactive, fearful and or aggressive to other dogs or cars, bikes, humans dogs jumping up on humans or bench tops
pulling on leash / walk with manners toileting inside adopting a dog
scared of noises or being home alone humans not understanding dog behaviour living with multiple dogs in a home
dogs digging up gardens puppies learning from the very start new parents to be getting ready for babies arrival
children to be safe around dog dog needed a reliable recall next step from puppy school
training tricks dog gets over excited well behaved happy dog
other dog has died and the remaining dog is in depression obedience training preparing pooch to walk down the isle with manners when guardians getting married  walking for general exercise, enrichment and health
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Bruce and his guardians sit in their lounge room on a digital distance Dog Training Session.

“Had such a fantastic and informative Skype session with Tamara!    Adopting a rescue dog is sure to come with its challenges, but with the right guidance we have already seen incredible improvements in our furry friend in a matter of weeks.   Thank you so much, looking forward to the next session!  Mikki, Mick and Kath (And Bruce)”