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What are you to the pup you chose to live with? An Owner? A Guardian? An Advocate? A Friend? A Leader? A Pack member? A Fur parent?

Our Crazy Human World is hard enough for us to live in, consider the pup in your life and how they make heads or tails from our ever changing fast paced house hold, let alone fast paced world. Have you wondered what a dogs home was like before humans adopted them? A den… comfortable, often secluded, designed to provide a quiet place used as a cave or concealment to live in.

Each ‘den’ member would know what was expected of them. Being able to communicate with those they lived with. Having a leader, and being kept safe are what your best friend deserves from you when you take on the role of Dog Guardian. When you can communicate with the dog in your house imagine the harmony. Would you like your Best Friend to feel comfortable in situations out of your control? Would you like your pet to recover quickly if needing to stay at the veterinarians? Will your Groomer or Kennel put your dog in a crate or noose?

There are so many benefits to communicating with your Best Friend including improving behavioural issues, preventing hurting themselves as well as teaching a calm mindset. Wouldn’t you like to advocate for the dog in your life?

Keeping welfare of dogs in mind, don’t control the dogs in your life, do keep them safe and love the life with them. Have a mutual relationship, forget human needs and focus on the pups in your life. Do not use dogs to fill a void of another human or seek them for your own comfort. Be mindful of where you are focusing your human anxiety, that its not on the dog in your life.

I love wearing my dog hat, hanging out with the dogs in my life, romancing them. Grooming them, not to have them looking pretty but to build my bond with them, so our relationship is a feel good one.

By forgetting my human needs and focusing on the dogs in my life they will see me as the person who keeps them safe, coming when called. No force needed, its the Best Friend way, gentle and easy.

Tamara Di Santo Best Friend Dog Care dog training, behaviour and relation ship coach Adelaide South Australia


THANK YOU for your loyalty, and heartfelt referrals in 2018.

What an amazing journey we have had, so much fun putting our Dog Hats on together.

We are grateful to you for choosing Best Friend Dog Care Behaviour and Training and look forward to continuing to bring you and your best friend 5 star services in dog care, behaviour and training for many years to come.

We’re greeting the holiday season with terrific new private training programs and products!  Soon to arrive on our website the products are already available on our Facebook page.

We have new ‘Trick Training’ block of 5 courses, the ever popular ‘Chill Mat’ block of 5 course will be available and with so much success we are continuing our ‘Train to Walk with Manners’ along with our behaviour modification and obedience training.  If you would like a course especially designed for you and your dog, let us know your end goal and we will help you to make it a reality.  Contact us.

2019 sees an exciting year ahead meeting new FRIENDS and spending time with old Friends too, keep an eye on our social media pages in the next few weeks where we will look back over the year to revisit our Best Friends of 2018.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Tamara, Craig, Max, Ios and little Sparkles


The questionnaire was returned with  "HELP needed calming Charlie, so the kids are not scared of him"!

Charlie the Labrador now has impulse manners.

Charlie the Labrador now displays impulse manners. Charlie was introduced as the ‘ pushy, jumpy, child knocking over 1 and a half year old who will not lay down’ Labrador. I can confidently say after 5 sessions with Charlie and his lovely guardian, that Charlie is now able to stay in a “sit when asked” and look at the photo of him calmly laying on his bed! Charlie’s guardian is thrilled with the knowledge and communications both Charlie and his family learnt from Best Friend Dog Care. Taking this new knowledge and going it alone with the training, Charlie’s family know we are only a phone call or email away if they require any assistance. Go Charlie.



Meet Dexter a radiant Red Heeler who loves going for walks with his best friend who is a cat and his guardians!  Problem has been that Dexter has only been able to go for walks when the sun has gone down so as not to come across bikes or random people who he decides he is not fond of.  Dexter had never walked on a loose lead walk until after only 2 sessions with us his guardian is nailing it!   While being aware of his surroundings and working with our proven ways for success.


Spending time socialising your puppy and training them will set you up for the rest of your life time together.
Pino’s guardians have taken her out socialising from the day they picked her up at 7.5 weeks old.

Socialising  in Dog terms

There is a critical learning time, lasting until approximately 16 weeks old.

🐾Always positively and calmly introduce your puppy to as many different experiences/ situations from the human dominated world as you can cram into this 16 weeks . 

🐾Let the puppy take their time for each experience, choosing how long it takes for them to be ok with each situation/experience.

🐾You want your puppy to believe you are the most important human/animal in their world.

🐾You are their GUARDIAN.

🐾You ARE the one who keeps them safe in this human dominated world therefore it is up to YOU to be responsible in the socialising part of their life. 

The following are some puppy socialising ideas that needs to take place;

🐾Surfaces, places a puppies feet will come into contact with.

🐾Animals, as many different species and breeds as you can possibly cram into 16-18 weeks.

🐾Humans, different shapes, colours, different ages, sizes, crowds of people, people in different clothing with different ways they get around.


🐾Skate boards, wheel chairs, bikes/motorcycle, cars, bus’s, trucks, tractors, walking stick.

🐾Noises, crying baby, fire works, loud music, thunder, knocking on a door, door bell, telephone.
Much much more to learn about puppies and being the best guardian you possibly can be for your new Best Friend. Contact us today to book in your private puppy training session.

Go to our Puppy Socialisation page


Annie, Bill and Tamara                                                   ~ photo credits Russell Millard Photography

Bill is a two and a half year old Cairn Terrier needing assistance with some behavioral issues.   Annie his guardian contacted Best Friend Dog Care for coaching and training.   Annie's  expectations of our visit was to know how to have Bill calm and confident.

I was lucky enough to meet both Bill's guardians, beautiful Annie and creative Russell.  Russell has a bachelor's degree in fine art photography and a sought-after reputation as one of South Australia's leading talented  photographers ~  Russell Millard's photography.  ~

Bill and I found ourselves as Russell's latest subject in a photo shoot!   So very grateful to Russell in allowing us to share his talents on our Best Friend Dog Care pages.

                                                                                                 ~photo credits Russell Millard Photography

Bill you will be pleased to know has improved immensely due to Annie taking the lead (pun intended) with Tamara's coaching.   Annie's new knowledge to 'Talk Dog' has created communications between herself and Bill which in turn has calmed Bill and his confidence is growing daily.

Great team work Annie and Bill, also a massive thank you to Russell for sharing his work with us.  Thank you for inviting me to your home to work with your pup!

My days are filled with meeting the most amazing people of Adelaide and their dogs, I am one very lucky lady!

photo credits Russell Millard Photography

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We are very much enjoying Angus the Cairn Terrier staying with our family.  Did you know a Cairn Terrier has front paws that are well padded and larger than their rear ones!  These are the traits that gave them an advantage when digging in their pursuit of rodents back in the day…  For the average pet owner now it means that you might want to protect or give up on your garden as they love to dig.

We have not had any digging issues with Angus, he has been too busy with Sparkles and Ios.  Angus has also enjoyed his trips with us to football and many walks to the local parks and creeks.

I think that Angus might enjoy the school pick ups the most when I get asked by the children all sorts of questions about him.  It’s great to hear the children always ask if they can pat a dog before coming up too close.  You know that is good parenting!