Spending time socialising your puppy and training them will set you up for the rest of your life time together.
Pino’s guardians have taken her out socialising from the day they picked her up at 7.5 weeks old.

Socialising  in Dog terms

There is a critical learning time, lasting until approximately 16 weeks old.

🐾Always positively and calmly introduce your puppy to as many different experiences/ situations from the human dominated world as you can cram into this 16 weeks . 

🐾Let the puppy take their time for each experience, choosing how long it takes for them to be ok with each situation/experience.

🐾You want your puppy to believe you are the most important human/animal in their world.

🐾You are their GUARDIAN.

🐾You ARE the one who keeps them safe in this human dominated world therefore it is up to YOU to be responsible in the socialising part of their life. 

The following are some puppy socialising ideas that needs to take place;

🐾Surfaces, places a puppies feet will come into contact with.

🐾Animals, as many different species and breeds as you can possibly cram into 16-18 weeks.

🐾Humans, different shapes, colours, different ages, sizes, crowds of people, people in different clothing with different ways they get around.


🐾Skate boards, wheel chairs, bikes/motorcycle, cars, bus’s, trucks, tractors, walking stick.

🐾Noises, crying baby, fire works, loud music, thunder, knocking on a door, door bell, telephone.
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