Ella’s guardians have some insight as to why they contacted Best Friend Dog Care.

Ella was nipping the children’s feet and occasionally the adults too, digging holes where ever and when ever, jumping up at the back door seeking the attention from anyone that would give it to her, taking off with belongings that were not hers.
Having Best Friend Dog Care come into their home meant that we worked with Ella’s family to assist her in real life scenarios. We were available to teach the children in a way that they understand. We are experienced in Delta Dog Bite Prevention Program which was designed especially for young children.  Best Friend Dog Care were on hand to answer questions and give help via phone and email though out our 5 hour 5 week Puppy Training Program.

Best Friend Dog Care works for you and with you assisting in ways that are suitable for your individual needs. We give you the tools to live in harmony with your best friend. There is no magic wand when it comes to dog behaviour and training, but Best Friend Dog Care can be by your side every step of the way for you and your best friend to succeed.