If you have a small dog, PLEASE be super careful if you have them up on a table.  We do not endorse this if you have a bouncy uncontrollable puppy.

Communications between you and your best friend are required to be taught, trained and then proofed in many different places and situations.  Remember your best friend is a canine and you are a human so using human words is actually the best way to confuse a dog if you have not spent the time to pair the human word to a dog behaivour.  There is no such thing as a stubborn dog, it is only the communications that are unclear.  Want us to teach you to speak dog?

Here is Sparkle’s working for her dinner 😉 Dog’s brains are wired differently to our human brain and they love to work for their dinner.  I on the other hand love to have my dinner prepared for me!  Assisting your best friend to use their dog brain to work for their food brings up the value of you as their human having all food coming from you.  Communications are also clearer as you and your bestie work closely on watching each others body language. Why not have some fun with your best friend and teach them some new tricks to improve your communication.

Contact us to assist communications with your canine best friend.