What a wonderful training session Freddie had at the beach, showing us how much he had learnt in our total of 5 hours together! Sessions are generally 60 minutes and done in consecutive weeks for you and your best friend starting in your home and working towards going out into the wide world.  We give you the tools to follow on with training in between our sessions for a successful outcome.

Bringing home a puppy can sometimes feel overwhelming, chewing, toileting, jumping,sleeping, walking on a leash to name but a few behaviours.  Your whole world can seem like it has been thrown up in the air, your patience tested. Giving the responses to a canines behaviour that you would give to a human young will not create the appropriate behaviours from your newest best friend.  Knowing how to communicate with a dog in ways the dog understands is what is required and our focus in our training sessions.

Freddie’s guardians found walking difficult, other humans wanting to come over and say hello to one of the cutest guys in town was an event that happened on every walk.  This turned Freddie’s dog mind to believe that this is what he was to do, when ever he saw a human approaching he was to get to them as fast as possible for attention pulling on the leash.

With Best Friend Dog Care’s behavioural training consultant Tamara Freddie’s guardians both have come so far in their dog knowledge and abundance of tools to bring out when required with their growing best friend.  Learning how to keep Freddie motivated and engaged with them when out on family excursions is now so much easier.

‘I love sharing my knowledge in the song and dance of dog behaviour and training, bringing humans and canines closer together’ ~Tamara Di Santo