Never had a dog in the home before, need some assistance to learn body language and how to successfully live in harmony with your best friend?  Hopper’s guardians had never lived with a dog before and invited him into their home as a puppy.  We were called in to coach Hopper’s guardians in training Hopper and educate them in dog behaviour and body language.  Giving them the tools to succeed in living with a canine.

When Best Friend Dog Care arrived Hopper was learning SIT, HAND SHAKE and WAIT.  Most important cue we believe is the recall cue, COME.  We also assisted to increase his understandings of GENTLE, BED, STOP, GOOD, DOWN, OUT, FREE, HEEL, WITH ME, LEAVE IT, PEE PEE, TOUCH, MIDDLE, FIND IT, DRINK and his guardians are working now on SPIN.

Understanding each home has their own cue’s we work with you assisting you to reach your end goals.

Communication with your best friend is the best place to start, when your bestie can understand cues you are able to assist them to be the best dog and family member, keeping them safe in our human dominated world.  When all humans in the home are on the same page they assist the canine to understand making communications easier for the dog living in the home.