Training Options

PUPPY TRAINING – Coaching & Training 

PRIVATE DOG TRAINING – One on One Dog Training & Coaching

WALKING WITH MANNERS – Dog Training one on one

DOG BEHAVIOUR –  Behaviour modification 

TRICK TRAINING -Trick Training one on one

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS – Talking Dog with Tamara

BABY’S ARRIVAL – Preparing Pup


GENERAL EXERCISE – Walking for General Exercise



A private session with Tamara is conducted in the comfort of your own home, one on one with you and your best friend (and anyone else that is a part of your dog’s life), creating a custom-made dog training program that will be the perfect fit for your life and your needs.

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Is your best friend walking with manners?  Has he or she started barking, jumping, become destructive or won’t come when called?  Let Tamara Di Santo show you how to teach your bestie to think and make mindful decisions all on his/ her own!

Tamara has been called ‘The Mary Poppins’ for dogs on many occasions, her training goes beyond your dog obeying commands.    Assisting your best friend to think before they act using mindfulness, fun and games you will see no harm is needed when you too understand how your best friends brain works.

Tamara is unlike any other trainer showing her proven methods significantly improve you and your best friend’s life.

Our guarantee – you will be working with a highly credentialed Dog Behavioural  Trainer and Relationship Coach motivated to help you to reach goals.

We guarantee a positive, fun experiences for both you and the dog all whilst requiring an abundance of invaluable knowledge and tools for a lifetime.

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We help you live in peace and harmony with your best friend.

Ever wondered if there was a safe way to hold the leash? We can show you how

There are so many ways we can assist our best friend to build their resilience in the human dominated world we have them living in. To a dog who lacks confidence and independence something as simple as standing on a box at first is a very difficult thing to do.  Once we teach them and praise their accomplishment, we are on the way to building confidence.