Puppy socialising and training

Don’t wait until your pup is too much to handle, we can teach them how to be good right from the start!  Why wait?  Contact us to book today!

The imprinting period for a puppy is 7-16 weeks, they learn more in this time than they can in their life time.  It’s in these weeks you build trust and guidance with the puppy in your life.   Setting them up for success, showing boundaries,  potty training and the most important Puppy Socialising which can only be done in these 7-16 weeks ( some pups only have up to 12 weeks).

It is never too early to start training your puppy, but when it comes to puppy socilisation remember you only have a very short time frame and  be sure to find out the true meaning of puppy socialization!  Putting on your ‘dog hat’ with Best Friend Dog Care we will help you to know it’s not as we humans think is necessary for us when it comes to human socializing.

The juvenile period is 4-6 months, you will notice things like the adult coat, more energy, becoming more mouthy as teething is uncomfortable.

Check out our Friend at 6 months by clicking here.

The adolescence period 6-12 months, look out!  Your puppy will have even more energy, things you had taught may be forgotten with your puppy getting easily distracted exploring the environment.  This is a time to be supportive, consistent and make sure boundaries are still in place for your ever growing pup.

The maturity period is 1-4 years of age, you will notice if you have a small- medium breed puppy their development physically will happen more quickly than a larger breed puppy.  Some dogs may be considered a puppy for up to 4 years old mentally and socially as they are all individuals.

By inviting Best Friend Dog care to your home you can be sure you are doing the absolute best for the New Puppy, starting the processes of both training and socialization the right way!

All our training sessions are put together individually, especially to your families needs and house rules.

Together in our 60 minute session we put our ‘Dog Hats’ on learning the true meaning of

  • socialization for a puppy
  • Communicating & Playtime
  • Feeding
  • Toilet/ Potty Training
  • Mouthing and Biting
  • Basic Obedience
  • Loose lead walking
  • Ways to stop jumping up
  • Its your session so be sure to ask any questions you may have regarding caring and training your new best friend.

If you choose a block of 5 sessions, we visit you and your puppy once a week at a time that is convenient for you expanding on and walking you through all of the above in detail.

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