Talking dog with Tamara

Ever wondered what your dog is thinking and if it could talk human what it is saying?

Building a strong bond between you and your best friend is what your dog needs. Knowing how to communicate and keeping the communications clear with your best friend is the key.  Do you know how and what motivates your pup?  In this session we can assist you in what to look out for and how to use this to assist your best friend to make great choices in their world.

Dogs maybe your fur kid and that’s OK, but they do not think like humans or talk like humans and that’s where ‘Talking Dog With Tamara’ will help you to understand how your best friends brain is programmed.

When you think in DOG you realise they don’t “need” to go to the local park to play with neighbourhood ‘fur-kids’. That is how your dog learns to totally ignore you!

We are certified Dog Bite Prevention teachers and come to you to assist all family members in ways to keep every body safe including your best friend.

Learn how to keep your best friend focused on YOU, it’s true – dog is mans BEST FRIEND!



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