Steven. A

Tamara is the ultimate professional, she trained our Winston and us so we have a joy of a dog to be around. So reliable and great communication. Winston (our bulldog) totally adored her and couldn't wait for his sessions. Thank you

Leah Itsines & Mitch Coan

"Tamara is seriously my Wally boys best friend! Tamara's help from when he was a puppy to well over a year now has been an incredible investment, and one that we would do over and over again. Having a puppy is no easy feat, but having Tamara there to love and support your little one in their early days makes a world of difference. We're about to embark on getting a new puppy, and can't imagine not having Tamara to help guide us as well as the puppy to be on his best behaviour and I can't wait to do it all over again.
One thing I love about Tamara and I tell everyone is that she's a dog/animal LOVER AND an incredible trainer. I think for me that was important that my dog felt loved, but also at the same time really respected the trainer (helicopter mum over here!) and I really felt that training Wally got the best of both worlds.
My also favourite thing about Tamara is the wealth of knowledge around our besties that she passes on - even without her knowing! The little gem's she drops while training really helps you as an owner to understand the 'why' when it comes to training. That's something I love!
Love Leah and Mitch xx "


Tamara has done a fantastic job with training our Pug as well as our very boisterous Labrador. They have both improved so much! She provides a very professional service, and we can't recommend her highly enough. Both of our boys love her, and has a great rapport with them.

Louise. W

Tamara is so patient and knowledgeable when it comes to dogs. She has been training my dog Ninja for a little while now and the difference in her behaviour is incredible. My girl loves her training sessions with Tamera so much that she doesn't even want to have breaks.

Elle. P

The best training my dog has received. He was a terrible walker and could not be managed easily at all. After a few sessions with Tam my dog is now bareable to take out and is listening to all the right cues! He still has a way to go as do we as the owners learning how to handle him also!

Becky. S

Have already recommended Tam to others and will continue to do so! She is absolutely amazing with our dogs, they are coming along in leaps and bounds with their confidence, behavior and walking. Tam is excited to help the dogs and share her knowledge.

We are so appreciative of your work! Glad we found you Tam!!!

Claire. S

As the owners of two dogs that both have their separate issues I can’t recommend Tamara enough. She has amazing compassion and care for both of my dogs and even though they’re very wary of strangers she’s won them both over.

Tamara is very willing to share her knowledge with owners to make the training easier and more cost effective in every way, she’s truly helped us more than I’m sure she’s aware giving us two much happier fur babies to share our life with.

Janet. C

Tamara is truly remarkable. Our dogs Charlie and Pippa adore her and have come a long way in their training We did not realise that having siblings was such a challenge it with Tamara’s encouragement we are learning to think with our dog hat! Still a long way to go because even though we try we haven’t got Tamara’s superb control Thank you Tamara for your patience and kindness to us all

Kristin. B

What a fantastic experience, very friendly and professional. Great insight into our dogs world and lots of tips to help get our dog on the same page. I would highly recommend Tamara to anyone who needs guidance on understanding their dog better.

Amy. B

Been to several dog training groups and personal teachers for our dogs, none were better than Best Friend Dog Care. Thought little Max would never learns the basics or be controlled, and in a matter of one session Best Friend Dog Care had him behaving and manageable. At the end of a five week training schedule, Max was a new dog entirely and I couldn't be happier or prouder! Thank You so much for teaching both Max and me! 😁