Tamara teaches dog training to both humans and dogs, best friend dog care reviews

“Tamara has taught us so very much in being the best dog carers we can through teaching us many different approaches, conversations and demonstrations.  She is so well educated in the field of dog training.  We were so impressed at the depth and breadth of her knowledge.”

“We are so thankful that our Puppy Preschool instructor recommended Tamara.  She has been such a wealth of knowledge and has guided us through how to breakdown training a dog, setting boundaries for our pup, providing an environment in our home to allow her to thrive and generally what it takes to be responsible dog owners. ” 

“Tamara has given us the tools and shared her knowledge with us in such a professional, generous, fun and kind way.”

“What a fantastic experience, very friendly and professional.  Great insight into our dogs world and lots of tips to help get our dog on the same page.  I would highly recommend Tamara to anyone who needs guidance on understanding their dog better”

“With Tamara’s encouragement we are learning to think with our ‘dog hat’ on”

“We are so appreciative of your work”

“Tam is a professional with a huge doggy loving heart”

“I enjoyed our session yesterday and learnt a lot.  I have started training with Tank and am feeling positive about it.”

“Tamara is very experienced, dedicated, friendly and caring”

“Her passion for understanding, learning about and supporting dogs and their carers is beyond reproach” 

“Resolution focused, diligent in what ever she had to do and never shied away from the difficult tasks and questions we as customers can often present”

“Very efficient, attentive and warm”

Thank you Tamara Di Santo for the love and care of Wilfred Working Breed German Shepherd whilst training him

“My dog is now bareable to take out and listening to all the right cues”

“We are so pleased we found Tamara” 

“Tamara’s warmth approach towards her work is reflected in her work with the way the clients and their beloved pets interact with her”

Helping People Helping Dogs